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Adjusting ServerLimit and ThreadLimit in Apache

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I was having this issue for a couple weeks and couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. I would attempt to increase the ThreadLimit (and also ServerLimit) above the default of 64 on Apache on an RHEL6 box, but the change just simply would not take. I continually got the following error:

WARNING: ThreadsPerChild of 128 exceeds ThreadLimit value of 64
threads, lowering ThreadsPerChild to 64. To increase, please see the
 ThreadLimit directive.

Which didn’t make since, because I indeed set the ThreadLimit to 128.

Turns out, it was because I was restarting apache, rather than stopping, then starting it. -_____________-

Freebsd Apache mpm_worker

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Building apache w/mpm_worker on FreeBSD breaks several ports. Add the following to /etc/make.conf in order to fix this issue:


Funny and Relatable Slashdot Comment

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“why would serious business use shaky unstable things like btrfs? The “well tested” is relatively old, yes.”

Because developers aren’t the ones who have to wake up at 3AM when ShinyNewShitware shits itself and takes down production.