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Ubuntu fonts in Fedora

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I recently install Fedora 20 on my laptop (I’d been using Arch Linux for the longest, but decided to switch it up for no real reason). I initially installed Mageia, and loved it for what it was — the first linux distro I ever used was a Mandriva iteration — but it’s stability and older set of packages did not meet my needs. Namely, I needed ZFS support (to access a drive I’d used with FreeBSD) along with a few other nuances that the newer F20 system allowed over the Mageia 4 system I was using.

After the move to Fedora, I wanted to use the Ubuntu fonts that I’d grown accustom to while using Arch Linux. It would seem, however, that Fedora does not have an up-to-date package for these fonts in their repo. A quick search at showed that there was an Ubuntu font package in the Russian repo (, however it did not include Ubuntu Mono, among others — unless I’m mistaken.

Fortunately, Ubuntu offers a standalone download of their fonts here. Installing the fonts directly was very simple. After downloading and unzipping the zip file, simply move the contents to /usr/share/fonts, and run fc-cache -v.

Afterwards, I was able to use Ubuntu Mono w/Konsole, as I love to do 🙂