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KMix mousewheel bug workaround

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There’s a bug in Kmix (I’m running KDE 4.10.3) which causes the mousewheel to increment 15% rather than a more sensible 5% as normal. Add VolumePercentageStep=1.6666 to the file ~/.kde4/share/config/kmixrc and all should be well. Close and reopen kmix, or logout then back in and all will be well 🙂

Freebsd Apache mpm_worker

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Building apache w/mpm_worker on FreeBSD breaks several ports. Add the following to /etc/make.conf in order to fix this issue:


FreeBSD and subversion

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FreeBSD now uses subversion for acquiring sources, ports, etc. The below initial checkouts may help someone:


svn co svn:// /usr/src
svn co svn:// /usr/src
svn co svn:// /usr/src


svn co svn:// /usr/ports

Linux java on FreeBSD

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So I installed Linux’s jdk1.6 on my FreeBSD box at work and had to add a few environmental variables in order to get everything working correctly. I added the following to my .bashrc:

export PATH=/usr/local/linux-sun-jdk1.6.0/bin:$PATH
export JAVADIR=/usr/local/linux-sun-jdk1.6.0/
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/linux-sun-jdk1.6.0/jre/lib/i386/jli

I also needed to mount linprocfs; I just added the following to /etc/fstab, and ran mount linprocfs:

linprocfs /compat/linux/proc linprocfs rw 0 0

Hopefully these help someone out!