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TSclients, Y U NO LET ME IN?!?

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During my usual system administration duties a few days ago at work, I came across an issue where I could not log into TSclients even though I had JUST been logged in.  I received this error:

Terminal Services Problem

Terminal Services Problem

Thanks to a comment on this blog post, I found that I can disconnect myself via CLI from another DC we have on the network (thankfully Windows has a CLI for us Unix-like aficionados.

You can disconnect a user from a command prompt with tsdiscon:
tsdiscon 1 /server:[servername/ip]

Or reset their session with rwinsta:
rwinsta 1 /server:[servername/ip]

If you wanted to be picky about who you disconnect or reset, you can view session info with qwinsta:
qwinsta /server:[servername/ip]

(Thanks to “Ron” for that tidbit of info).

So I opened a command prompt on our DC that I could access, and entered:

z:\qwinsta /server:[ip]

which showed the current connected users for that server, then used:

z:\tsdiscon [session-name] /server:[ip]

To disconnect my session, after-which I was able to connect without issue!