Unlock configuration for Cisco IP Phone 7960

So I’ve had this come up a couple times and work and I just wanted to add a post here so that I won’t have to go hunting down how to do this again 🙂

So, in Cisco’s documentation, it says to do the following to unlock the phone conifguration (which is locked by default so that it cannot be changed by an over-zealous user):

Step 1 Press **#.
Step 2 Press the settings key.
Step 3 Highlight Network Configuration.
Step 4 Press the Select soft key. The Network Configuration menu is displayed. The lock symbol in the upper right corner of your LCD should be in an unlocked state. The unlocked symbol indicates that you can modify the network settings.

Unfortunately, on newer (or perhaps older? I don’t know, I hate dealing with these phones and only do so when necessary at work) firmwares, that key combination does NOT work. You’ll need to scroll down in the settings menu to #9 and select “Unlock Config”. You’ll then need to enter the password, which is “cisco” by default.